Meet the team


Chief Executive's Office

Daniel Bruce

Chief Executive

Kamila Przybyszewska

Senior Executive and Governance Officer

UK Anti-Corruption Programme

Duncan Hames

Director of Policy

Rachel Davies Teka

Head of Advocacy

Steve Goodrich

Senior Research Manager

Ben Cowdock

Investigations Lead

Rose Zussman

Policy Manager

Lucia Cirimello

Project Manager - Commitments

Susannah Fitzgerald

Network Co-ordinator

Rose Whiffen

Research Officer

Roberta Falvo

Project Officer

Teddy Marks

Research Officer

Kevin Kittoe

Research Associate

Business Integrity Programme

Sophie Ogilvy


Rocio Paniagua

Head of Business Integrity

Lucia Woolley

Head of Memberships and Engagement

Rory Donaldson

Programme Manager

Tilly Prior

Programme Officer

Bonnie Groves

Programme Strategy Officer

Defence & Security Programme

Natalie Hogg


Ara Marcen

Head of Advocacy

Stephanie Trapnell

Head of Research

Karolina MacLachlan

Regional Programme Manager - Europe

Mia Paukovic

Programme Manager - Industry Integrity

Najla Dowson-Zeidan

Programme Manager - Conflict and Insecurity

Michael Ofori-Mensah

Research Project Manager (GI)

Julien Joly

Project Manager

Camilla Zuliani

Project Manager

Kaleigh Heard

Training and Military Engagement Manager

Henna Chauhan

Training and Capacity Officer

Charlotte Linney

Project Manager

Flora Stevens

Project Officer - Global Advocacy

Bénédicte Aboul-Nasr

Project Officer

Alexandru Strelet

Project Officer (GDI)

Hannah Papachristidis

Project Officer (GDI)

Juliana Shafroth

Project Officer

Matthew Steadman

Project Officer - Countries

Jason Wright

Programme Officer

Lydia Day

Project Officer

Health Initiative

Rachel Cooper


Jonathan Cushing

Head of Major Projects

Tom Wright

Senior Research and Advocacy Officer

Sean Darby

Senior Project Officer

Daniela Cepeda Cuadrado

Project Officer

Natalie Rhodes

Policy Officer

Evidence & Engagement

Naomi Neiland


Mallary Gelb

Head of Communications

Harvey Gavin

Communications Manager

Amirah Houry

Development Manager

Jon Le Marquand

Digital Communications Officer

Joseph Moore

Supporter Engagement Officer

People, Finance, Technology & Compliance

Colin Munro

Chief Operating Officer

Joe Ghandhi

Director of Finance

Natasha Woodham

People Business Partner

Gloria Youri

People Business Partner

Paige Rogers

Senior Operations Officer

Shankar Nagalingam

Finance Officer