News 25th Nov 2020

International Anti-Corruption Day panel: 'The Corruption Pandemic'

Joseph Moore

Supporter Engagement Officer

Joeseph joined Transparency International in October 2017. He is responsible for developing relationships with TI-UK’s supporter base, as well as supporting and leading on donor reporting and proposals and holds extensive relationship focused fundraising experience. He graduated from the University of Hull in 2017 with a BA in Politics and History. He is passionate about seeking a conciliatory and genuine approach to change in creating a world free of corruption.

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The Covid-19 Pandemic has turned the world on its head. It has exposed fault lines we did not know were there, and underscored others that we did. Looking forward, government, business and civil society around the world will have to decide how we can do things differently – and better. Fighting corruption must remain a priority. Sadly, no global crisis will eradicate corruption. In reality, it can make things worse – increasing opportunities for those with entrusted power to abuse their position for personal gain.

We have already seen how pressure on stretched health resources creates openings for corruption in research, procurement, supply chains and contracts. These vulnerabilities exist at other times too and across society. The toll is huge. In the worst cases, corruption costs lives. It steals public money destined for vital services and erodes democracy, provoking instability and public distrust.

We must also remember that the UK is not an innocent bystander. You need only look at the £100 billion of dirty money flowing into Britain every year or the £5bn of UK property bought with suspicious wealth to understand the scale of challenge. Again, so often, these are ill-gotten gains that deprive others around the world of the opportunity to live a life of dignity, self-determination and prosperity.

In these uncertain times, Transparency International UK’s mission to combat corruption in the UK and wherever the UK has influence is more important than ever. This is our moment to push for powerful change.

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This past year has been heavily defined by one thing: COVID-19.

The pandemic has been unprecedented, throwing the world into disarray and having a profound impact on millions through the direct loss of life, rising unemployment and increased instability. But beneath these headlines, the crisis has also given rise to opportunities for corruption.
On International Anti-Corruption Day (Wednesday, 9th December), Transparency International UK will be hosting a virtual panel event that will bring a broad global perspective on the impact this pandemic has had on health, stability and accountability in different contexts and the corruption challenges that have manifest. Our Annual Lecture - which usually takes place on International Anti-Corruption Day - has been rescheduled for March 2021.

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Chair: Dominic Martin (Former Director at the Cabinet Office, Director of Prosperity at the FCO and British Ambassador to the OECD (2008-11))


Major General Gary Deakin (Deputy Chief of Staff – Plans, NATO Joint Forces Command, Naples)

Sheila Masinde (Executive Director of Transparency International Kenya)

Professor Heather Marquette (Professor in Development Politics, International Development Department, University of Birmingham)


We look forward to seeing you on Wednesday, 9th December for what will be a highly engaging evening.