Press release 20th Jul 2021

Greensill scandal highlights need for overhaul of UK lobbying rules

July 20, 2021 – Responding to the Treasury Select Committee’s findings from its ‘Lessons from Greensill Capital’ report, Daniel Bruce, Chief Executive of Transparency International UK, said:

“The Treasury Committee’s conclusions are further evidence that the rules surrounding lobbying in the UK are woefully inadequate. It is striking that the committee finds Mr Cameron showed a significant lack of judgement in the informal way he chose to lobby for Greensill and how he used his former position as prime minister to make that approach possible. That it took the work of determined investigative journalists to uncover this activity - instead of official transparency data - highlights precisely why change is needed.

“While many of the UK’s closest allies have taken steps to increase lobbying transparency, the same cannot be said of access and potential influence in Westminster which remains incredibly opaque. The changes recommended by the Treasury Committee would be a positive first step to improving transparency at a departmental level, but the problems with the UK’s lobbying rules run much deeper than Whitehall. A root and branch reform of the lobbying rules is the only way to protect the public purse, restore confidence in the system and prevent future scandals.”


Notes to editors:

Transparency International UK submitted evidence to the Committee’s inquiry.