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Government Tables Criminal Finances Bill

image: flickr.com/nARCOTO


Transparency International has been calling for the introduction of Unexplained Wealth Orders (UWOs) to help the fight against corrupt money coming into the UK.

UWOs are a feature of todays Criminal Finances Bill tabled today by the Government to Parliament. See below for material on Unexplained Wealth Orders.

Press Release:

13th October 2016, LondonUnexplained Wealth Orders (UWOs), a key component of the Government’s Criminal Finances Bill, are a significant effort in ending the UK’s role as a safe haven for corrupt individuals

Click link for full press release

Press Briefing:

Access Press Briefing here or bottom of page

Contents Include:

1) Introduction

2) Background

3) Why do we need Unexplained Wealth Orders?

4) What are Unexplained Wealth Orders?

Illustration of how a UWO works

5) How many UWOs will there be?

6) What about the human rights implications?

7) Is this the UK gold-plating its legislation?

8) Are UWOs enough to solve the problem?

9) Facts & Figures

10) TI Corrupt Enrichment Taskforce

11) Quotes

Robert Barrington, Transparency International UK Executive Director:
Michael Bowes QC, Outer Temple Chambers
Sue Hawley, Corruption Watch

11) Contact:

12) Notes to editors:

Unexplained Wealth Orders: Explained


Image Available in Press Briefing and here

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Paradise Lost is a thorough analysis of the UK’s role in global corruption, outlining the multitude of ways in which the UK is enabling corrupt individuals to enjoy luxury lifestyles and cleanse their reputations






Press Briefing Download (pdf)


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