Transparency International UK (TI-UK) is a company limited by guarantee and was set up by a Memorandum of Association on 1 March 1994. It was registered as a charity (number 1112842) on 27 January 2006. We are politically non-partisan and do not investigate cases of corruption.

In this section of the website you can find details of how TI-UK is governed. Please use the left hand menu to access further information.

Reporting Concerns

We as a Board take collective responsibility to ensure that policies and procedures are in place to uphold high standards of integrity and accountability, to create an environment that reflects the core values and guiding principles of the TI Movement and to promote such standards and principles.

But we recognise that from time to time, things at work may go wrong. Whether it is Safeguarding, Bullying and Harassment, Fraud, Bribery, Corruption, or other matters that require Whistleblowing. We assure you that we shall act on your concerns where they related to the activities of TI-UK or refer you to the TI Secretariat if they involve other areas of the Movement.  

We recognise that negative and unethical behaviour can be undertaken by TI-UK employees, consultants, Board members, volunteers or project partners. Our policies outline the reporting channels to utilise for the different type of issues and these include management, our People Team or our Safeguarding Officer (Chief Operating Officer can be contacted via [email protected] ).  

In the event that these routes are not appropriate or that they have proved not to be effective then the policies indicate how and when these should be channelled through the Chair of the Board ([email protected]) who may choose to refer it to the Ethics Advisory Panel of TI-UK. Alternative gender routes are available and these can be requested at any stage in the process. 

By ALL of us working together to uphold high standards of behaviour we can ensure we have a workplace built on trust and respect which are vital elements to deliver our strategy and mission.