Transparency International’s Global Standards programme has come to an end

The Global Standards programme was set up following the anti-corruption summit hosted by the UK Government in 2016. Its aim was to encourage implementation of the commitments pledged by attending governments to address corruption in their countries. These included creating public registers of beneficial ownerships, better whistle blower protections, international co-operation and rolling out open contracting data standards among others.

Anti-Corruption Pledge Tracker and advocating for change

Transparency International UK created the Global Anti-Corruption Pledge Tracker to publicly monitor the commitments of 20 countries.  Meanwhile, our Promise to Practice Project (link to final report to be re-instated and added this week) worked closely with Transparency International chapters around the world to establish local monitoring and support grassroots advocacy of these commitments. 

By the end of the project in 2020, 78 per cent of commitments tracked were either underway, on-going or complete. 

Pledge tracking has triggered national reform efforts in a number of countries including South Africa and Jordan.

With good progress now made, global attention has shifted away from the 2016 Summit.  Transparency International UK is now focused on building on our Global Standards project into new strands, looking at the UK’s role to combat transnational corruption working closely with other countries. Watch this space.


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