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TransparencyUK This is a very positive step with potentially major implications for the fight against illicit wealth. But under th… https://t.co/fwdbIlnI9E
TransparencyUK RT @RUSI_org: Why is it so difficult to identify the nature and scale of corruption in the UK? @SteveJGoodrich from @TransparencyUK suggest…
TransparencyUK Curious about #lobbying in the UK? Our free Open Access tool shows which lobbyists have been meeting with ministers… https://t.co/5TaenrALJL



Today’s youth are the future leaders in the fight against corruption. Whatever you’re studying, there are always plenty of ways to get involved in our work!


Want to run an event on your campus? Contact rose.zussman@transparency.org.uk, share your ideas and we will help you put them into action.

There are many ways you can get involved in the fight against corruption – from using tech tools and theatre performances, to organising petitions and integrity camps. Have a look at TI’s toolkit and see what could work in your community.



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