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MEL Consultant – Tracking and Implementing the Anti-Corruption Summit Commitments

TI-UK is one year into a three-year project, funded by the UK Department for International Development, with a focus on advancing the delivery of anti-corruption commitments made at the 2016 Anti-Corruption Summit. Although the project is centrally managed by TI-UK, 8 other Transparency International chapters or partner organisations receive funding as downstream partners.

The key elements of the project are: tracking how/whether governments are implementing their Summit commitments, through national and global pledge tracking tools; supporting five chapters to develop and implement national advocacy strategies to advance the implementation of their government’s commitments; establishing and using thematic networks to share intelligence, approaches and lessons learned across six issue areas, and; delivering international events to maintain visibility on the Summit commitments, bring Summit countries together and generate healthy competition between leaders to sustain momentum on key thematic areas (asset recovery, beneficial ownership transparency, law enforcement).


Purpose and Objectives

This consultant will provide an independent assessment of the extent to which the project is meeting its goals. Specifically, this will include:

  • Developing the MEL system. The consultant will be expected to work with staff to further develop and expand the existing MEL system, or develop a new system altogether, to ensure it can robustly include guidance on collecting and analysing data, methods and tools for data collection, a simple management information system for data compilation and processing, and enable effective storytelling including presentation of the impact. The system should be suitable for capturing information on a multi-stakeholder engagement.
  • Collecting baseline data. The consultant will be expected to conduct a baseline survey at the start of the consultancy period to provide an information base against which to monitor and assess progress and effectiveness during the project.
  • Conducting external evaluation. The consultant will be expected to conduct an external evaluation of the project, with a primary focus on understanding the changes as a result of the project’s activities. The learning element of the evaluation should focus on progress and achievements, as well as highlighting recommendations for the sustainability and or further development of the project.

Timeframe: 3 to 6 months.

Guiding questions

1. Have the project’s intended outcomes been achieved so far, and have there been any unintended outcomes?

2. How, when, and for whom has the project made a difference so far? How significant has this difference been?

3.What has the project’s impact on gender inequality been so far? What more could be done?

4. Have the project’s outcomes also extended to indirect beneficiaries? What has this impact been, and was it significant?

5. What has worked and what has not worked so well? What lessons have been learned and how can they be applied going forward?

6. What are the specific recommendations for future programme design?


To apply

Closing date: 21 October 2018.

Applicants should email jobs@transparency.org.uk with the following (preferably in pdf format):

  • A brief expression of interest outlining which role(s) you are interested in and why
  • Your day rate / estimated quote for the work
  • CV(s) (2 pages) with details of relevant experience

Please include your name and the role(s) you are applying for in the subject line.

All applicants must have the right to work in the UK.

Please note that due to the very high volume of applications we receive, we greatly regret that we are unable to send personalised acknowledgements or give feedback on applications. If you do not hear from us by the 30 October 2018 you should assume that that you have not been shortlisted. Only applications with both of the requested components will be considered.

We are welcoming bids for two MEL consultancy contracts for two different programmes in our organisation. Interested person(s) or organisations are welcome to submit expressions of interest for one or both roles.

Transparency International UK is an equal opportunity employer


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