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Consultancy Opportunity – Business Integrity Programme, Transparency International UK

About Transparency International

 Transparency International, the world’s leading anti-corruption organisation, is made up of over 100 national chapters worldwide, with a coordinating secretariat in Berlin.  Transparency International UK (TI-UK) is one of the TI movement’s largest national chapters, and is a registered charity.

TI-UK’s Business Integrity Programme

The Business Integrity Programme (BIP) is a well-established programme at TI-UK and the leading one of its kind in the wider Transparency International movement.  It is recognised globally as a “centre of excellence” in relation to its work with the private sector and in running one of the most successful Business Integrity Forums in Transparency International.  The team consists of three people; two Programme Managers and a Director.

TI-UK’s aim is to be the premier voice and resource centre on private sector corruption matters, not just bribery, with the wider business community in the UK.  We aim to work constructively with the business community, but to be robust and challenging where necessary.

The BIP Director will be leaving TI-UK in early September.  We are looking for an experienced anti-bribery and corruption (ABC) compliance and/or benchmarking professional to join the BIP team for a six month period during the transition to the new Director to support the delivery of the Corporate Anti-Corruption Benchmark (the Benchmark), one of the programme’s core activities.

The Benchmark

The Benchmark is an online tool that measures and compares the performance of corporate ABC programmes.  Participants complete a questionnaire designed to assess the design and implementation of their ABC programme.  TI-UK verifies a sub-set of questions through a review of participants’ policies and procedures.  Participants are given a login to the Benchmark portal where they are able to view their results against an anonymised set of their peers.  The Benchmark results are not publicly available.  The annual benchmarking exercise is supported by quarterly workshops that bring together participants to discuss key challenges and emerging issues in ABC compliance and to share learning and best practice.

More information can be found here.

The Benchmark was launched in 2015 and is repeated annually.  Currently, a total of 15 companies, the majority of them UK-headquartered multinational companies and leading brands, are taking part.

The Benchmark methodology is based on TI’s extensive anti-corruption and private sector expertise and the input of experienced specialist practitioners.  TI-UK regularly seeks feedback on the tool from Benchmark participants and has convened a working group to help further the tool’s development and ensure it stays relevant and challenging.

The Role

We are aiming to find an individual who will take the Benchmark to the next level, building on what has been achieved to expand participation, refine the methodology and deliver increased value to participants.

This is a chance to share your ABC and/or benchmarking expertise and help us to set best practice standards for UK and global businesses. TI-UK aims to be the premier resource for UK companies seeking to combat bribery and corruption in their operations and the jurisdictions where they operate. Working with us gives you the opportunity to shape the discussion and help devise solutions to challenging issues.

The Benchmark is TI-UK’s flagship product, building on our many years of expertise and engagement with leading companies. We are looking for someone to help us take it further and build it into an indispensable tool for companies looking to assess their ABC programmes not only against legal requirements and industry norms, but also the practices of the most forward thinking, innovative and sustainable companies.

Among the key opportunities and challenges will be:

  • Methodology: Refining the question set and making improvements based on feedback from participants while maintaining an element of backward compatibility and remaining true to TI policy;
  • Analysis: Working with our data analytics experts to refine the portal’s automated data analysis to ensure it meets users’ reporting needs; developing a template for providing more bespoke analysis of individual results.
  • Communications: Liaising with Benchmark participants on themes for future workshops; communicating and seeking feedback on proposed changes to the methodology and/or interface, and answering queries from and/or presenting results to participants.
  • Marketing: Helping to define the offering and market the Benchmark to potential participants; exploring the potential for industry-focused analysis and workshops.

For a breakdown of key tasks, see Annex 1.

The successful applicant will report to a BIP Programme Manager.

Terms and Conditions

The role may be full or part-time depending on the availability of the candidate.
The consultancy fee will be agreed based on the candidate’s relevant skills and experience.
All applicants must have the right to work in the UK.


The role is a 3-4 month consultancy to start on 1 September 2017 or as soon as possible thereafter.

How to Apply

Applicants should send a CV and cover letter with the subject heading ‘BIP consultant opportunity’ to jobs@transparency.org.uk

Deadline for applications is 18th August.

Annex 1 – Key Tasks


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