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As the UK's foremost anti-corruption charity and leading member of the 100+ chapters of the Transparency International global movement, Transparency International UK has been fighting for a world free of corruption for over 25 years. Together with our network of partners and supporters across a range of industries and professions, we have changed the systems that have enabled corruption to take root in politics, health care, business, defence and security in the UK and abroad. 

We are excited to announce a new initiative for supporters to engage with our work and networks; Friends of TI-UK. As a Friend of TI-UK, you will be joining a community of anti-corruption advocates, thought-leaders and experts informed by our ground-breaking research and advocacy campaigns. By sharing our expertise, and the expertise of our networks we believe we can develop unique and effective solutions for combatting corruption.

We ask Friends to pay a small annual subscription fee (professional and student level) which enable us to continue and expand our research and advocacy work across our four programmes. 

Join us in creating a world where people’s lives, government, business and society are free from corruption.


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