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Global Corruption 2013: A Russian Perspective

Elena Panfilova, Director of Transparency International Russia will share her perspective on the situation within Russia, and address the corruption links between Russia and the UK.

Date & Time: Wednseday 11th December 2013, 18:00-20:30

Location: Clifford Chance, 10 Upper Bank Street, E14 5JJ, London, United Kingdom

Speaker: Elena Panfilova, Director of Transparency International (TI) Russia and member of the international TI Board.

Topic: ‘Global Corruption 2013: A Russian Perspective’

Many of our Transparency International colleagues around the world operate in situations where anti-corruption work is incredibly challenging and sometimes high risk. TI Russia and others in Russian civil society have been working in such an environment as being vocal in their criticism of the authorities has become increasingly difficult.

As well as sharing her perspective on the situation within Russia Elena will address the corruption links between Russia and the UK, touching on the issue of UK-based assets and what needs to be done here to curb the export of corrupt funds. Elena, who also sits on the TI global Board of Directors, will be giving her take on corruption around the globe.

Full Biography

Elena Panfilova is the Director of Transparency International Russia, which she founded in 1999. She has worked as a researcher and project manager for the Institute of Independent Social Studies, the Institute for Economy in Transition and the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development.

Since 2007, Elena has taught anti-corruption at the State University Higher School of Economics (Moscow), where she also established the Laboratory for Anti-corruption Policy in 2009. She is currently the Laboratory’s Deputy Head. Elena was elected to the Transparency International Board in 2011.

18.00 Registration
18.30 Introduction (including infographic awards)
18.45 Elena Panfilova ‘Global Corruption 2013: A Russian Perspective’ plus Q&A
20.00 Drinks reception
20.30 Close

This is a free event. Please email events@transparency.org.uk to sign up.


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