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Anti-Corruption Events Not Organised By TI

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Recent Events

Corruption: A Beginner’s Guide

  • Date: Wednesday, 11 December 2013
  • Location: Clifford Chance, 10 Upper Bank Street, London, United Kingdom, E14 5JJ

Interested in corruption? Then attend our beginners guide session to learn more about the problem globally and in the UK, as well as the tools organisations like Transparency International use to assess it.

Date & Time: Wednesday, 11th December 2013, 14:15-17:15

Location: Clifford Chance, 10 Upper Bank Street, London, United Kingdom

For those in a developing country who cannot access corruption-resources-corruption-resources-health care, corruption-resources-corruption-resources-education or even food and water without paying bribes, corruption is a daily problem. It is well-known that corruption arrests economic development and it often remains entrenched because a rich and corrupt elite has a strong self-interest in retaining power.

Although corruption is not endemic in the UK, there are significant problems which need to be addressed. Transparency International UK (TI-UK)’s recent Corruption in the UK report highlighted corruption vulnerabilities in some of Britain’s key sectors and institutions. Scandals involving issues such as lobbying phone hacking and money laundering have further highlighted the existence of the problem and the urgent need to address it as public trust in government is rapidly eroding.

Interested in finding out more? Then attend our beginners guide session to learn more about the following topics:

  • Global corruption
  • Corruption in the UK
  • Corruption in the defence sector
  • Transparency International tools for measuring corruption

Please note that while this event is free of charge spaces are limited so confirming your attendance prior to the event is compulsory.




Countering Small Bribes (Breakfast)

Addressing corruption in defence & security

Lifting the Lid on Lobbying


TI-UK presentations from recent speaking engagements:

Watchdogs Report – Legislative Oversight of Defence and Security Presentation by Oliver Cover to the Flemish Parliament in Brussels, February 2014.

Corruption in the UK Presentation by Rachel Davies at TI-UK’s Beginners Guide to Corruption, December 2013.

Lobbying ethics and the law, Presentation at Sussex University Corruption and Anti-Corruption Conference, September 2013.

Corruption risk Presentation to AMLP by Robert Barrington, June 2013

Bribery Act Achievements and Challenges Presentation to Sussex Centre for Corruption Research by Robert Barrington, May 2013

Bribery & Corruption in the not-for-profit sector Presentation to Charity Commission – Voluntary Sector Fraud Group Stakeholder by Robert Barrington, May 2013

Corruption in the UK Presentation to FCO visiting group by Robert Barrington, May 2013

Corruption Presentation to Chevreux by Robert Barrington, April 2013

Corruption and Markets Presentation at Royal Holloway University, March 2013

Corruption Presentation to The Institute of Money Laundering Prevention Officers by Robert Barrington, February 2013

To enquire about inviting someone from TI-UK to speak at your event, click here


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