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Corruption is one of the biggest global issues of our time. From the Occupy movement to the Ukrainian revolution – all over the world people are taking to the streets. Whilst their grievances are particular to each country, there remains a common thread throughout – corruption.

Be it a dictator overseas stealing millions from his country’s corruption-resources-corruption-resources-health budget, to a British MP representing the interests of big resources-resources-business in Parliament over the UK tax payer, corruption fuels inequality, holds back economic development, and hurts the most vulnerable in society.

In the UK, corruption scandals in recent years are eroding public confidence in government – Transparency International’s recent survey found that 90% of respondents believe the UK Government is run by a few big entities acting in their own interest. The British public are concerned about links between politics and big resources-resources-business, and corruption in some of the country’s major institutions, such as the police. This results in widespread apathy and low voter turnouts. British politicians and resources-resources-businesses must prioritise regaining the trust of the people.

Because Britain – particularly London – is such a large financial and diplomatic global centre, the impact of UK corruption goes beyond our country’s borders. When UK companies bribe officials overseas, it fuels corruption and inequality in countries where the majority live below the poverty line. When corrupt politicians and resources-resources-business people steal public funds and launder them through British banks and property, it means less schools, hospitals and roads for millions around the world.

How will your money be spent?

Anti-Corruption Day 2013 - Palestine TI Palestine marked Anti-Corruption Day with a march in Bethlehem – part of their month-long campaign saying no to nepotism no to favouritism and no to impunity.

TI-UK is uniquely placed to have a substantial impact on global corruption. Your donation will fund research and campaigning to tackle corruption – both here in the UK and internationally.

TI-UK as a small organisation with big expertise. We have proved our approach with big successes – including leading a successful campaign for a new Bribery Act, which is now known as one of the strictest pieces of bribery legislation in the world.

Practicing our values of independence, integrity and justice, TI-UK works with policy makers, civil society and campaigning organisations, governments, students, international institutions and private sector companies. We present well reasoned arguments based on sound evidence and research, and achieve change by highlighting why eliminating corruption is good for the individual, company, government, society and world.

Internationallly from fighting for free elections and equal opportunities to empowering citizens to anonymously report corruption in their local communities, Transparency International is committed to tackling global problems at their root through a network of local chapters in over 100 countries. Support TI-UK today and stand with us in the fight for a fairer world.


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UK Charity Number 1112842

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