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·         One – two sentence summary of why they should support TI-UK: Corruption is one of biggest global issues of our time – it fuels inequality holds back economic development and hurts the poorest most. Your donation will fund research and campaigning to tackle corruption – both here in the UK and internationally. Support TI-UK today and stand with us in the fight for a fairer world. [amend text based on new vision statement]

·         Include an inspiring picture with someone happy and looking to camera

·         Make the default option for a regular donation; the existing online form should be changed to give options for £5 £10 and £20 per month

·         For single donations the options on the existing form are good (£5 – £100)

·         Require as little information as possible but ensure we get an email address if possible

·         Fit all info required on one page with ‘Donate’ button at the bottom. Like this – https://donate.neweconomics.org/page/contribute/default

·         Include options for donating via phone and post


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