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Corruption in Sport  Transparency International UK information and resources

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Governance of the International Cricket Council   TI has made a submission to the International Cricket Council’s Governance Review. The submission was made jointly by Transparency International representatives from 12 countries including Australia, Bangladesh, India, New Zealand, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Trinidad & Tobago and the UK.

Safe Hands: Building Integrity and Transparency at FIFA
  Transparency International drew up recommendations to help FIFA undertake fundamental change and regain trust in the aftermath of recent controversies. The recommendations draw on our long experience in advising governments businesses and organisations that seek to be more accountable, as well as tools we’ve developed to strengthen organisational integrity and reduce opportunities for corruption. Taken together, these approaches can bring more transparency to world football.

TI-UK letter to the FA    Transparency International UK wrote to the English Football Association regarding Transparency International’s report on FIFA reform.

The evolution of bad governance in Kenyan sports   Adili Issue 55 April 26th 2004, TI Kenya (NB – clicking on this link will automatically download the publication)

Winning isn’t everything: Corruption in Sumo Wrestling
  Duggan. M and Levitt. S ‘Winning isn’t everything: Corruption in Sumo Wrestling’, M. Duggan and S. Levitt, American Economic Review, Vol. 92, Issue. 5, December 2002, p.1594-1605*

Pot (kettle) black. Corruption in sport: A scandal in snooker points to wider worries about match fixing
 The Economist Vol. 395, Issue 8681, p.62, 5th August 2010

Match-fixing in football
  The Economist Vol. 393, Issue 8660, p. 71

Point shaving: Corruption in NCAA basketball
   Wolfers. J ‘Point shaving: Corruption in NCAA basketball’, American Economic Review, Vol. 96, Issue. 2, p.279-83, May 2006*

Corruption and the Olympics, Robert Barrington July 2012

TI blog posts on corruption in sport – Space for Transparency blog


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