The corrosive influence of big money continues to undermine the integrity of the UK’s political system.

Big money:

  • is openly solicited in return for political access and influence;
  • can secure positions of public office and titles of recognition;
  • exposes our democracy to manipulation by outside interests; 
  • casts doubt on whether public officials are acting in the public interest.

To remain relevant in a rapidly changing and uncertain world, UK political parties and politicians need to win back the trust of citizens. Dealing with the perception and reality of the corrupting influence of money on UK politics is a crucial part of that picture.

Without essential reforms, a steady stream of political corruption scandals will continue to unfold.

In the absence of greater controls on the supply of funding, political parties will continue to face accusations about selling access and influence in return for money. Without greater transparency about their finances, it will be all too easy for them to evade scrutiny of their probity. In the absence of tighter controls on election campaign spending, the demand for funding will continue to push political parties to bend the rules and solicit funds with subsequent recognition.

Transparency International UK aims to end the corrupting influence of big money in UK politics and to instil integrity into the conduct of those in public office.





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