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In today’s world, every company needs a robust anti-corruption monitoring and review process.

The Transparency International UK Corporate Anti-Corruption Benchmark is an industry-leading comprehensive self-assessment tool that measures and compares the performance of anti-corruption programmes across companies. The methodology is based on Transparency International’s extensive anti-corruption expertise and understanding of best practice for the private sector, combined with input from experienced specialist in-house and external practitioners.

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Benefits to Business:

  • Benchmark your anti-corruption programme against international best practice standards

  • Benchmark against peers, including industry leaders.

  • Undertake essential monitoring and review of your programme
  • Identify areas for improvement and gaps in your programme.
  • Engage with and learn from Transparency International anti-corruption experts on developments in bribery and corruption and best practice measures to mitigate your risk
  • Actively engage in deep dive meetings and collaborate with peers to build robust programmes based on experience
  • Gather tangible data for internal reporting
  • Reference participation in sustainability reporting, tender responses and annual reports
  • Strengthen controls around other compliance and ethics risk areas through strengthened standards and processes.
  • Gain a deep understanding of how your programme compares to TI-UK’s best practice guidance


What do we cover?

The Corporate Benchmark covers all core areas of anti-corruption compliance:

  • Top Level Commitment
  • Risk Assessment & Planning
  • Policies and Procedures
  • High Risk Areas
  • Managing Third Parties
  • Communications & Training
  • Monitoring & Review
  • Reporting


Benchmark Stages

1. Participants provide details about their anti-corruption programme via an online questionnaire

2. Independent verification on a subset of questions is coordinated by Transparency International UK and carried out by our lead Benchmark partner PwC and strategic partner Grant Thornton UK.

3. Participants’ results are published on a secure, private portal showing how their programme performs as compared to best practice, and they are subsequently ranked according to the other participants. The portal includes a dashboard, key statistics, graphs and charts and the ability to ‘drill down’ into details and filter by key demographics where desired.

4. Results are updated annually to capture participants’ progress and identify improvements in adoption of best practice across the benchmarking group.


Deep-Dive Workshops

Participants are encouraged to attend quarterly deep dive workshops which explore key risk areas identified through the benchmarking exercise. These workshops provide an opportunity to:

  • Learn from Transparency International and other participants on best practice
  • Share and discuss your anti-corruption approach with peers and industry leaders
  • Address specific gaps in your anti-corruption programme and associated activities
  • Inform your understanding of emerging issues and anti-corruption trends


Current Participants

Current Benchmark participants are a mix of FTSE 100 and 250 companies from various industries, many of them are members of our Business Integrity Forum that have made a public commitment to uphold high standards of business integrity and transparency.


Value of the Benchmark compared to alternative audit approaches


The Benchmark is:

  • Designed and verified by senior anti-corruption experts in civil society and industry leading anti-corruption forensics teams
  • Supplemented by in-depth guidance and support to enable internal monitoring and improvements
  • Mapped to meet legal requirements of the UK Bribery Act and the US Foreign Corrupt Practices Act
  • Aligned with emerging best practices across anti-corruption programmes including measuring effectiveness
  • A capacity building opportunity for monitoring and review in-house as opposed to hiring external auditors to review

Data Confidentiality

All benchmarking data received is treated confidentially.

  • All results are anonymized so that participants only understand where their company sits within the group not where the other companies sit.
  • Where sufficient participants exist in a particular demographic, the results can be filtered by, for example, industry but not at the expense of removing anonymity.
  • Data is shared with our Benchmark review partner for 2018, PwC, as well as with any independent verifier. Partners agree that they will not use the data for any purpose other than their role in the Benchmark.
  • Any Benchmarking partner is required to sign an agreement which in summary ensures that the partner shall:
    • Not use confidential information for a purpose other than the performance of the agreement;
    • Only disclose confidential information to the extent necessary to those of its employees to whom disclosure is reasonably necessary for performance of this agreement; and
    • Not disclose confidential information to any third party expect as reasonably necessary for the performance of this agreement and subject to data confidentiality agreements.

Transparency International UK may use anonymised and aggregated data for other Transparency International purposes but will not use that information in such a way that attributes any results to a particular participant without prior permission in writing.


Programme Costs

Standalone Benchmark Participation (£16,000 + VAT p/a)

Included in Gold Membership of the Business Integrity Forum (£25,000 + VAT p/a)


“The Benchmark is a very useful tool to help identify areas of improvement and assess your programme's maturity.”

Ethics & Compliance Manager

FTSE 100 Multinational

“It's the only tool out there that's designed for self-improvement as opposed to tick-box compliance."

Head of Anti-Bribery and Compliance

FTSE 100 Multinational


“[Deep Dives are] really insightful not only from the same sector, but other sector perspectives."

Senior Compliance Consultant

AML & ABC, FTSE 100 Multinational


Terms and Conditions

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