Press release 13th Dec 2018

Continued action needed to ensure Anti-Corruption plans are met

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13th December 2018, London – Transparency International welcomes the publication of the Government’s update to its Anti-Corruption Strategy and recommends continued action to ensure deadlines for important initiatives in fighting corruption are met.

Rachel Davies-Teka, Head of Advocacy at Transparency International UK, said:

“We welcome the publication of the Government’s thorough and public review of its progress to date against its first anti-corruption strategy. Being open and candid about the delivery of these commitments is key to ensuring that departments are subject to what can only be healthy public scrutiny. There are a large range of projects in the Strategy that require a cross-departmental approach, so it’s crucial that the public – and Parliament – are empowered to hold Government to account on following through on its promises.”

“In providing a RAG rating for each of the 134 commitments laid out in the 2017-2022 Strategy, the Prime Minister’s Anti-Corruption Champion has demonstrated that, even as a Minister, he is able to hold different departments to account for their commitments – something which we hope will continue.”

“According to the Update, the Government’s review of domestic corruption risks is in danger of slipping despite being a crucial part of the Strategy. Whilst there are increasing levels of understanding within Government of how the UK contributes towards corruption abroad, there is currently relatively little knowledge about corruption right here on our doorstep. Through our research at Transparency International we know that the UK is not immune from individuals abusing power entrusted in them for their own private gain, which has included those in very senior positions of public office. We look forward to further government updates on delivery against this commitment in due course.”



Notes to Editors

1. TI-UK first called for a national Anti-Corruption Strategy in 2015 that set out the Government’s response and long term plan to deal with corruption here in the UK, and internationally, as well as the UK’s role as a safe haven for the proceeds of corruption from around the world.

2. TI-UK’s review of the UK Government’s Anti-Corruption Strategy is available on TI-UK’s website here: