Online Training 

Our training is highly pragmatic and addresses real-life situations that are typically encountered in business environments and by non-for-profits. It includes a focus on the UK Bribery Act, and the responsibilities it places on staff.

Transparency International UK provides a free online course Doing Business Without Bribery which provides comprehensive anti-corruption training for frontline staff. The 30-minute training covers:

  • What is bribery and why is it important?
  • How to prevent and resist bribery in challenging scenarios
  • Bribery laws and the consequences of bribery for staff and organisations

Click here to access Doing Business Without Bribery.

To purchase a tracked version with assessment and certificate that you can customise to include your company’s policies and procedures contact our e-learning partners Skillcast to get started.



Transparency International UK has designed training and tools to address the anti-bribery and corruption challenges that not-for-profits face.

Doing Good without Bribery

Our Doing Good without Bribery e-learning course is for anyone working in international development, whether they work for an NGO or other not-for-profit organisation or in a commercial capacity.

The course mainly focuses on bribery, but also touches on other aspects of corruption, including conflicts of interest and nepotism. It is important to be aware of the wide range of corruption risks that may face your organisation, as not-for-profits are vulnerable not only to bribery demands, but also to various forms of fraud.


Further resources:

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Bribery Act 2010: Guidance to help commercial organisations prevent bribery, Ministry of Justice, London 2011

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