1. Indicate your interest:

A senior level discussion between the company and TI-UK will establish whether there is a genuine alignment of interests. If so, the company will be invited to commence the application process.

2. Due diligence process:

A due diligence procedure is initiated designed to reassure TI-UK that the company’s overall ethos and policies are consistent with TI’s approach and values as well as the Forum’s Membership Principles.

The application process comprises a multi-step due diligence process including TI-UK undertaking a web-based background check, and, depending on the results of our open-web and database research, the company is invited to an interview between senior Managers / Directors of TI-UK and the applicant company.

3. Results:

The results are collated in a report that is sent to the TI-UK Board or a sub-committee thereof for approval. Further interviews or information may be requested if deemed necessary by the TI-UK Board.

4. Notification:

An email and/or letter is issued to the company by a Director or Trustee of Transparency International UK notifying the company that it has been successful in its application to join the BIF, and outlining the BIF Membership Principles.

5. Confirmation:

The company confirms that this has been approved at senior level and that the company’s board has been made aware of the decision to join.