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Transparency International calls on governments to stand firm

Press Release Wednesday, May 11 2016 14:07

Transparency International responds to news that a bloc of countries is trying to water down the Anti- Corruption Summit communique

Cobus de Swardt, Managing Director of Transparency International responds to comments by David Cameron on Nigeria, Afghanistan and the Internaitonal Anti-Corruption Summit

UK must hold firm on Anti-Corruption Summit

Press Release Sunday, May 8 2016 00:01

TI-UK comments ahead of Anti-Corruption Summit

Day before Anti-Corruption Summit, leaders in government, business and civil society will come together to discuss how best to tackle corruption.

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Plugging the Hole: Procurement and Anti-Corruption

Written by Jameela Raymond Wednesday, September 14 2016 12:51

When public contracts are won by companies with hidden owners or with links to anonymous companies, public money can be wasted and services weakened. The individuals behind these secret companies have been found to overcharge, siphon off and steal amounts equivalent of a national education budget – all for personal profit.

We are now two weeks away from the Anti-Corruption Summit that the Prime Minister announced last July in Singapore. Will it be a success?

Last week, the government published the agreements it has just signed with the Crown Dependencies and Overseas Territories for data sharing among law enforcement agencies. It’s not exactly the full transparency the Prime Minister has been pushing for. Is it therefore a step forward in a longer journey – or just a smokescreen to make lack of action look like something more impressive?

Robert Barrington expresses the views of Transparency International UK in regards to the Home Office launching its new Anti-Money Laundering Action Plan today: The Plan looks good – will it actually happen?

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In order for the UK to get its own house in order, the UK Overseas Territories and Crown Dependencies must introduce centralised public registers of beneficial ownership.

Leaders’ Anti-Corruption Manifesto

Publication Wednesday, May 11 2016 00:01

As heads of government gather in London for the International Anti-Corruption Summit to discuss next steps in tackling corruption worldwide, leaders from business and civil society tell us why they think more needs to be done.

More statements can be read at www.anticorruption-manifesto.org

Paradise Lost is a thorough analysis of the UK’s role in global corruption, outlining the multitude of ways in which the UK is enabling corrupt individuals to enjoy luxury lifestyles and cleanse their reputations.

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