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Anti-Corruption Lecture 19


This year’s anti-corruption Annual Lecture featured Rory Stewart OBE as the guest speaker who discussed challenges and opportunities in the fight against corruption.  Rory was an MP for ten years, during which time he served as Secretary of State for International Development, Prisons Minister, Minister for Africa, and Minister for the Environment. Prior to becoming an MP, he worked for the Diplomatic Service, serving overseas in Jakarta, as British representative to Montenegro in the wake of the Kosovo crisis, and as the coalition Deputy Governor of two provinces of Southern Iraq following the war in 2003.

Daniel Bruce, Transparency International UK’s Chief Executive, began the lecture on December 9th by outlining why our work – and that of the wider Transparency International movement – is now more important than ever.

With Britain at a crossroads over its future relationship with the rest of the world, Daniel went on to explain the importance of maintaining the UK’s status as a safe and respectable place to do business.

In addition to depriving some of the world’s poorest people of much-needed public services, corruption in healthcare service delivery is significantly undermining global efforts to achieve universal health coverage, as Daniel explained:

Click here to read Daniel Bruce’s speech


Rory Stewart began his lecture by defining ‘corruption’ with the help of the audience, before providing examples of how corruption had impacted two DFID-funded clinics in different African countries:


He went on to explore the different ways in which a health minister might syphon off money for projects like this, including diverting it for personal use, spending it on getting re-elected or simply allocating it to a different health project which they view as more important.

At the local level, Rory explained how medicines meant to stock a clinic can easily be sold off for personal profit:

Rory also described his experience of visiting projects that were either incomplete, in the wrong place or not there at all.





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