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Meet the Team


Robert Barrington

Executive Director

Claire Prescott

Management Assistant

UK Advocacy and Research

Duncan Hames

Director of Policy

Rachel Davies Teka

Head of Advocacy

Rose Zussman

Advocacy & Campaigns Officer


Jameela Raymond

Senior Policy Officer

Steve Goodrich

Senior Research Officer

Ben Cowdock

Research Officer

Business Integrity Programme

Peter Van Veen

Programme Director

Rory Donaldson

Programme Manager

Alice Shone

Programme Manager

Pharmaceuticals and Healthcare Programme

Sophie Peresson

Programme Director

Sarah Harris

Programme Manager

Defence and Security Programme

Katherine Dixon

Programme DIRECTOR

Andy Watson

Head of Industry Integrity

Amira El-Sayed

Programme Manager – Responsible Defence Governance

Leah Wawro

Programme Manager – Conflict & Insecurity

Karolina MacLachlan

Research and Policy Officer

Hilary Hurd

Research & Advocacy Officer

Gavin Raymond

Training & Capacity Building Officer

Eva Anderson

Senior Legal Research Officer

Eva Okunbor

Programme Management Officer


Dominic Kavakeb

Communications Manager

Philip Jones

Communications Officer

Finance Fundraising and Resources

Joe Ghandhi

Director of Finance & Resources

Natasha Woodham

HR Manager

Annita Forde

Assistant Management Accountant

Cornelia Stephenson

Office Administrator

Louise Russell-Prywata

Development Manager

Mahoo Lyimo

Development Officer

Hannah Casey

Senior Development Officer

Senior Advisers

Jeremy Carver Senior Adviser

Laurence Cockcroft Senior Adviser

John Drysdale Senior Adviser

Shalni Arora Senior Adviser

Peter Lloyd Senior Adviser

Stella Bland Senior Adviser

Senior Advisers assist TI-UK in a pro bono capacity. They do not receive payment for their work. Expenses are reimbursable under TI-UK’s standard reimbursement policy.


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