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How to Bribe: A Typology of Bribe Paying and How to Stop It

From excessive hospitality to offshore agreements, How to Bribe is designed to help individuals and companies anticipate, recognise, avoid, and resist bribery.

The guide draws on Transparency International's global experience of legal cases and real-life stories to illustrate how bribes are paid in practice.

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Building Integrity in UK Defence

In Building Integrity in UK Defence: Practical Recommendations to Reduce Corruption Risk, Transparency International UK outlines seven recommendations to reduce corruption risk within the defence sector.

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Anti-Bribery Principles for Not-For-Profit Organisations
While it is in the nature of not-for-profits (NFPs) to want to operate with integrity, many NFPs are uncertain about the measures they should be adopting to comply with the new UK Bribery Act. This tool aims to fill the gap by providing anti-bribery advice for such organisations of any size in the educational, voluntary, charitable, arts & heritage and related sectors.
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Closing Down the Safe Havens

This paper describes the blocks in the system that are preventing recovery of the proceeds of grand corruption located in, or routed through, the UK.

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