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Anti-Bribery Training

Transparency International UK (TI-UK) provides independent, impartial training and advice based on our extensive knowledge of good practice in the anti-corruption field. 


Anti-Bribery Best Practice E-Learning Course 

This free online training module has been updated in June 2013 and provides best practice anti-bribery training, and enables companies to benchmark their own training programmes.
Doing Business Without Bribery is a self-study e-learning course with which the participant will learn how to prevent and resist bribery in their business and comply with bribery laws. The course starts with an overview of bribery, followed by a set of in-depth realistic scenarios that require the participant to make decisions in familiar situations, and ends with a summary of bribery laws and offences. The course features clear and practical advice from TI-UK throughout.
The course has been produced by TI-UK with the support of FTI Consulting and Skillcast.
Click on the link to access our free online training module Doing Business Without Bribery

Additional Resources

PowerPoint slides for a 2-hour training session – download free of charge
Trainer’s Handbook to accompany the PowerPoint presentation – download free of charge

TI-UK Business Integrity Programme

As part of our wider mission, TI-UK now offers anti-corruption training, benchmarking and advisory services to companies through a new division, TI-UK Business Integrity Programme. We operate on a fee-paying, but non-profit, basis. Our expert consultants have an unrivalled understanding of global corruption and practical experience of working with companies on their anti-bribery policies and systems.

We run training programmes for organisations in a wide variety of sectors. These range from a generic one hour course for all staff in an organisation to help them understand and deal with corruption, to courses tailored to meet specific requirements on areas such as logistics, risk management and sales. For more information, click here