Our Work

Our work

Our priorities are combatting corruption in the UK, reducing the UK’s role in fuelling corruption overseas and combatting corruption in the international defence and security sector.

Design  practical tools and work with organisations, companies and individuals wishing to combat corruption
Produce ground breaking research on corruption in the UK and internationally
Empower individuals, companies and civil society to engage in the fight against corruption
Advocate legal and regulatory reform both nationally and internationally
Recent projects undertaken by TI-UK include:
The most comprehensive study ever undertaken on UK corruption
Ground-breaking work with the Afghanistan Defence and Interior Ministries to provide anti-corruption training courses for senior Afghan military officials
Leading a successful campaign to secure a new UK Bribery Act
Among TI’s many global projects, we:
Work at a grassroots level in over 50 countries to provide free and confidential legal advice to witnesses and victims of corruption, helping them to pursue their complaints. To date, TI has dealt with more than 100,000 individual cases.  
Produce a series of world-leading indices which measure the levels of corruption around the globe, such as the annual Corruption Perceptions Index.
Produce cutting-edge research into how corruption affects global issues such as education and climate change governance, and use the research to push for change.