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Press Releases (237)

Press Releases

The action taken by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) against Deutsche Bank is yet more evidence of the large sums of money laundered into the UK every year.
Open contracting is proving to be a positive force in healthcare procurement, reducing corruption and potentially saving lives around the world.
For the second year running the UK is ranked 10th in Transparency International’s 2016 Corruption Perceptions Index, tied with Germany and Luxembourg, just behind Canada but ahead of Australia. A minor drop in the score in future would see the UK fall out of the top 10, underlining the risk to the UK’s reputation if standards are lowered as a result of Brexit.
Robert Barrington, Executive Director Transparency International UK comments on a Deferred Prosecution Agreement between the Serious Fraud Office and Rolls-Royce PLC
Political parties based in Northern Ireland must catch up with the rest of the UK and provide full transparency over political donations and loans.
TI-UK responds to media enquiries on the 2016 annual lecture
Duncan Hames, Transparency International UK’s Director of Policy comments on the Buzzfeed investigation reporting widespread corruption in the HM Prison Service
Wealthy individuals from overseas are continuing to be able to buy up London property anonymously, according to “London property: A top destination for money launderers,” new research by Transparency International UK and Thomson Reuters.
A £10million house owned by the son of Muammar Gaddafi is the only illicit asset recovered by UK authorities from political elites of the Arab Spring states. Despite the estimated millions of pounds of assets in the UK owned by individuals from regimes accused of corruption, the UK has so far been unable to recover those resources.
Over 40% of UK citizens think people are too scared of the consequences to report corruption when they experience it, according to a new survey from Transparency International (TI).
The decision by the British Virgin Islands (BVI) regulator to fine Mossack Fonseca $440,000 is too little and too late, according to Transparency International UK.
Last week’s meeting between the UK Government and representatives of the UK Oversea Territories, was a missed opportunity for serious progress on transparency over company ownership, according to Transparency International UK (TI-UK).

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