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Press Releases (237)

Press Releases

8th September 2017, London – In response to an investigation by the Telegraph alleging that Ian Paisley Jnr. MP accepted holidays worth £100,000 from the Sri Lankan Government, Duncan Hames, Director of Policy Transparency International UK, said: “Members of Parliament are elected to work in the public interest on behalf of their constituents, not serving
UK Companies at the heart of $2.9 billion money-laundering circle UK failing to end its complicity in global corruption 4th September 2017, London – A new investigation has shown UK registered companies to be at the centre of laundering $2.9 billion out of Azerbaijan, highlighting that the UK is failing to end its complicity in
18th August 2017, London – The lack of details offered on a £6,000 fine connected to a Northern Ireland political donation is absurd, and more details should immediately be released, according to Transparency International UK.  The Electoral Commission are unable to reveal any details on who has been fined or what rules have been broken,
9th August 2017, London – Over a third of properties sold in a new Kensington and Chelsea development were purchased via anonymous companies or by buyers from states considered to be a high corruption risk, according to a new investigation by Transparency International UK, exclusively featured on Channel 4 News this evening. An analysis of
1st August 2017, London – Commenting on the announcement of a Serious Fraud Office investigation into British American Tobacco for alleged bribe-paying in east Africa, Robert Barrington, Executive Director of Transparency International UK, said: “The SFO investigation announced today will help to determine whether the alleged bribe-paying was an isolated incident or systemic,  who was
28th July, London – The disqualification over corruption allegations of Pakistan’s Prime Minister must instigate immediate action by UK authorities to act on his UK based assets, according to Transparency International UK. Nawaz Sharif was found to be “no longer eligible to be an honest member of the parliament” by Pakistan’s supreme court, following revelations
19th July 2017, London – Moves to bring about full transparency over who funds Northern Ireland’s political parties are welcome, but this should include the period from 2014-2017 according to Transparency International. The UK Government has recently announced it intends to bring about legislation that requires all political parties in Northern Ireland to publicly reveal the source
The Public Inquiry looking into the Grenfell Tower tragedy must include corruption within its scope, according to  anti-corruption watchdog Transparency International.  The remit should cover both whether corruption played a role in either the fire itself or the subsequent mismanagement of the response.
The UK’s failure to reveal the true owners of Scottish Limited Partnerships (SLPs), has so far left the UK open to corrupt money launderers.
The opening in France of the corruption and money-laundering trial of Teodorin Obiang, highlights that the UK's own weakness when it comes to legal proceedings against kleptocrats looking to launder their ill-gotten gains abroad.
Voters are writing to their candidates in the 2017 General Election, demanding that they fight corruption if elected, as part of a new campaign by Transparency International.
The incorporation of the Serious Fraud Office (SFO) into the National Crime Agency (NCA), as pledged in the Conservative Party’s manifesto would be a backwards step in the fight against corruption, according to Transparency International.

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