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TransparencyUK RT @_JosephMoore_: Relish a challenge? Want to run against corruption? Fancy a reserved seat at @TransparencyUK's Annual Lecture? If so,…
TransparencyUK WATCH @duncanhames on @daily_politics yesterday discussing how to stop corrupt money being laundered into the UK… https://t.co/pYsAY2vyS9
TransparencyUK RT @daily_politics: "We have identified £4.4bn worth of property assets in the UK purchased with suspicious wealth" @duncanhames of @Transp

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As it stands, rules covering lobbying practice in the UK leaves the public in the dark on how private interests attempt to influence decision makers. The second reading of the Lobbying (Transparency) Bill provides a welcome opportunity to change and build greater public trust in the Government.

Transparency International UK is delighted to announce the appointment of Duncan Hanes as Director of Policy. In this interview our Senior Policy Officer Jameela Raymond sat down with Duncan to get to know him better and asks why he’s joining the fight against corruption.

On taking up her post in Prime Minister Theresa May’s Government, Priti Patel, the new Secretary of State for International Development called for “securing the UK’s place in the world by supporting economic prosperity, stability and security overseas”. This is precisely what is needed to ensure that the new UN’s new global Sustainable Development Goals

Since the post of Anti-Corruption Champion was created in 2004, six people have filled the role.  It started off being held by a cabinet minister; and more recently has been held by a distinguished former front-bencher with no ministerial status.  Does that means the role will now be quietly dropped? The UK does not have

The last month has felt strangely reminiscent of Lenin’s remark that “There are decades where nothing happens; and there are weeks where decades happen”.  For the anti-corruption movement, this has already been a significant year in the UK: in April, shortly after the Panama Papers revelations, the Home Office published a far-reaching Anti-Money Laundering (AML)

How much corrupt money is laundered through the UK each year? You’d think there’s an official statistic for this, like inflation or GDP, however you’d be wrong. Measuring global flows of corrupt wealth, like measuring corruption in general, is incredibly difficult. This is largely due to its secretive nature. Corrupt politicians, officials and oligarchs bringing

Jameela Raymond on why the UK’s Anti-Corruption can be a real catalyst for positive progress in the global fight against corruption.

Leaving the EU will have profound consequences for the UK.  But will it be good or bad for the fight against corruption?  Robert Barrington looks at some of the possible consequences.

Another year, another Bilderberg conference done and dusted. Henry Kissinger has left the building. The limousines, bodyguards and snipers have left, the snazzy Airbus bubble-tent has been deflated, but some tricky questions remain. Questions, primarily, for the politicians who attended.

Corruption within the pharmaceutical and healthcare sectors is a matter of life and death. It has a corrosive impact on health, negatively impacting public health budgets, the price of health services and medicines, and ultimately the quality of care dispensed. Reports estimate that as much as 6% of annual global health expenditure is lost to corruption

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