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Anti-Bribery Workshop for Humanitarian and Development NGOs

Wednesday, 27th June 2012, 09:00-1700
St Edmund Hall, Queens Lane, Oxford, London, United Kingdom, OX1 4AR St Edmund Hall, Queens Lane, Oxford, London, United Kingdom, OX1 4AR


Many NGOs are active campaigners against corruption and have been in the forefront of demand for stronger laws that will prevent bribery around the world. NGOs want to lead by example and prevent bribery in their own operations.

The UK Bribery Act came into force on 1 July 2011 and applies to all worldwide activities of any UK based NGO and to British nationals working for NGOs anywhere in the world. The Bribery Act represents both a spur to action and an opportunity for NGOs to review how they prevent bribery.
On the initiative of Mango and Transparency International UK, Bond established a working group to develop a set of principles and practical guidance for preventing bribery. The working group proposed that all NGOs should commit to a policy of zero-tolerance of bribery in any form. To help NGOs put that into practice, Mango and TI-UK have designed a practical one-day course.
Aimed at NGO leaders, policy-makers and those responsible for implementing a zero-tolerance approach to bribery in their operations.
In the morning, the workshop looks at how to develop a zero-tolerance strategy and approach to bribery, the legal and moral imperatives to do so, and what that means for field operations and supporting functions.
In the afternoon, we look at techniques to safely resist and avoid paying bribes and how to join forces for longer-term action.
The fee for this course is £255. You can download the course outline here

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