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Transparency in Corporate Reporting: If there is...
Last week, we released our Transparency in Corporate Reporting (TRAC) report on the world’s 124 largest publicly listed companies. Several companies that had recently been involved in corruption scandals did much better than than one would expect. How is this possible? More detail
The pharmaceutical patent game
While the ‘evergreening’ and ‘forced switching’ of pharmaceutical patents are legal practices, they act to reduce access to medicines for many and often those most vulnerable and so could be considered unethical or morally corrupt practices. Søren Holm, Professor of Bioethics at the University of... More detail
FIFA's sponsors: time to put your hands in the air
Yesterday's back and forth on Fifa's corruption report highlights that Fifa is far from exhibiting good practice. But companies that make great claims about their own ethics and governance are still willing to support Fifa. It is time for the organisation's corporate partners to call on it to live... More detail
Corruption and banking: FOREX heralds an...
This week's announcement about the rigging of the foreign exchange markets marks one significant change: at last, the media and the Chancellor are using the word corruption to describe this behaviour. More detail
In Wartime, Corruption in Ukraine Can Be Deadly
Aleksandr Lapko discusses wartime corruption in Ukraine and the dilemma it led him to face this summer: pay a $2,000 bribe to get the military equipment that could save his life or pay a $2,000 bribe to be declared unfit for service. More detail
Corruption Perceptions Index 2014 Launch
Transparency International's 2014 Corruption Perceptions Index will have its UK launch at Skinners' Hall on 3 December 2014, in partnership with Ernst & Young. More detail

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