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Research Topics

Research Topics – For Research Programmes, Masters Students, PhD Students and private & public sector researchers

The below provides a summary of research topics of interest to Transparency International UK, some of which have arisen directly from our previous research. We maintain this list to encourage Masters and PhD research students to investigate the issues and to encourage individuals or businesses already doing research on those issues to make contact with TI-UK in order to discuss synergies. The list should serve as a basis for collaborative dialogue between TI and other interested organisations. The following list of potential research topics is not exhaustive, but we believe that it nonetheless provides a good starting point for research in this field.
The research topics list will be regularly maintained. If you have any insights related to corruption issues that we have not covered in this version of the list, please contact us and propose a research issue or topic.
If you are interested in researching the issues below, have research material relevant to the questions below, or would like to discuss any of the issues further, please contact TI-UK Senior Research Officer, Steve Goodrich, at steve.goodrich@transparency.org.uk.

Research topics list:

Anti-Money Laundering and Asset Recovery

Organised Crime

Whitehall and Civil Service

Punishment and Prosecution of Corruption in the UK

Investigations of Corruption and Corruption in Police and Prisons

Pharmaceutical & Healthcare

Open Data

National Integrity Systems

Media Corruption



Private Sector Including Financial Sector and FTSE 100s

Defence and Security

Interested in researching these issues? Please click here to sign up for the Anti-Corruption Research Network (ACRN) UK:

More information:
Steve Goodrich
Senior Research Officer
Transparency International UK
E: steve.goodrich@transparency.org.uk


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