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Information for candidates in the 2017 UK General Election

Corruption fuels inequality, holds back economic development and hurts the most vulnerable in society. Left unchecked, it undermines efforts to overcome some of the biggest challenges facing us, including housing, people trafficking and terrorism.

Our supporters across the country are looking to their General Election candidates to show their commitment to fighting corruption.

We have suggested they ask you, their local candidates, to:

5 priority actions for the UK Government

Transparency International UK’s manifesto contains 39 recommendations to address corruption in our country and the UK’s role in facilitating corruption globally. These five priority actions, building on past government announcements, deserve cross-party support, and could be introduced swiftly.

1) Lead the country’s efforts to counter corruption

To coordinate anti-corruption efforts, the Prime Minister should assign a Cabinet Minister to be responsible for driving the implementation of a world-class anti-corruption strategy, which addresses corruption here as well as abroad.

2) Shut the door to criminal funds flooding the housing market

To end the UK’s reputation as a safe haven for the proceeds of corruption, the UK Government should introduce a register showing who controls overseas companies owning UK property.

3) Defend democracy from outside interference

To safeguard our democracy from outside interference and undue influence, the UK Government should reinforce controls on sources of political party finance, and Parliament should make available the means to robustly enforce them.

4) Open the books on public sector spending

To prevent corruption and collusion denying taxpayers value for money from public services, the UK Government should apply the open contracting standard across the whole of the public sector, including the National Health Service.

5) Champion integrity on the global stage

The UK Government should champion global anti-corruption initiatives to safeguard global security and economic development, providing a strong voice internationally for ending corruption. Key to demonstrating continued leadership will be implementing the UK’s outstanding commitments from the 2016 global Anti-Corruption Summit and embedding anti-corruption clauses in its new trade deals.

  • and bring transparency to the lobbying process by publishing the meetings you have with those lobbying you, as Government Ministers themselves must do.

Please let your voters know that in this way you are personally committed to fighting corruption. You can also let us know by emailing campaigns@transparency.org.uk.


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