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Publication Highlights

  • Promise to Practice

    In May 2016, the UK Government hosted an International Anti-Corruption Summit in London where 42 governments and 5 international organisations made over 700 commitments. Since then, Transparency International UK has been working with our chapters and partners around the world to monitor the implementation of these commitments. The project tracks progress on over 450 commitments up

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  • Kept in the Dark

    Over a third of properties sold in a new Kensington and Chelsea development were purchased via anonymous companies or by buyers from states considered to be a high corruption risk, according to a new investigation by Transparency International UK. An analysis of Land Registry data for 153 new homes in one development at 375 Kensington

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  • Offshore In the UK: Analysing the use of Scottish Limited Partnerships in Corruption and Money Laundering

    “Offshore in the UK” provides new insights into how money launderers are abusing Scottish Limited Partnerships – the UK’s own home-grown secrecy vehicle – to move billions of pounds of corrupt wealth around the world.

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  • Faulty Towers: Understanding the impact of overseas corruption on the London property market

    Billions of pounds of investment, much of it driven by overseas corruption, is flowing into London property and exacerbating the capital’s housing crisis, according to new research from Transparency International UK.

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Corruption and Human Rights: A Conversation

Thursday 7th September, 6pm – 9pm

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TransparencyUK RT @duncanhames: Further evidence of how easily ACOBA (https://t.co/BIME7HYbT8) is ignored by people who really should know better. #revolv
TransparencyUK "The London Lobbyist with Ties to Billions of Pounds of Gentrification" via @vicenews https://t.co/26DbfTqGPN
TransparencyUK RT @OliverBullough: Great piece on the threat to democracy from the world's dirty money by @thorstenbenner https://t.co/aHHrFTgOZm https://…

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