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Publication Highlights

  • Hiding in Plain Sight: How UK companies are used to launder corrupt wealth

    Hiding in Plain Sight: How UK companies are used to launder corrupt wealth” identified 52 global corruption and money laundering cases involving 766 UK companies. It found that the UK is home to a thriving company formation industry which gives money launderers access to UK firms. The UK’s system to defend against this is failing

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  • Business Integrity Forum Procedures

    This document outlines Transparency International UK’s procedure for dealing with corruption-related allegations about BIF members, including the procedure for suspending or terminating BIF membership.

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  • Kept in the Dark

    Over a third of properties sold in a new Kensington and Chelsea development were purchased via anonymous companies or by buyers from states considered to be a high corruption risk, according to a new investigation by Transparency International UK. An analysis of Land Registry data for 153 new homes in one development at 375 Kensington

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  • Offshore In the UK: Analysing the use of Scottish Limited Partnerships in Corruption and Money Laundering

    “Offshore in the UK” provides new insights into how money launderers are abusing Scottish Limited Partnerships – the UK’s own home-grown secrecy vehicle – to move billions of pounds of corrupt wealth around the world.

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2017 Anti-Corruption Annual Lecture

The Rt Hon David Cameron, former UK Prime Minister, will be delivering TI-UK’s 2017 Anti-Corruption Lecture on Wednesday 13 December 2017, 18.30-21.00

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